A Maine company that successfully launched a bio powered rocket last weekend is looking for video from the event.

On Sunday, bluShift Aerospace out of Brunswick, launched their Stardust Gen.1 rocket. Liftoff took place at Loring Commerce Centre, in Limestone. The rocket is the first in the world to be powered by bio-derived fuel. Now the company is looking for more footage of the launch.

In a Facebook post, bluShift Aerospace is looking any video that was taken at the launch. The company says "No video is too short, too blurry or too insignificant. We want to see them all! And by submitting your video, you are granting us permission to use it to tell the story about the launch and to use edits of the submitted video in promotional material for bluShift and Knack Factory. Please include your name with your submission so we may credit you where possible. Feel free to upload photos too!"

Video or photos can be sent via email to info@knack-factory.com, or via text to 207-713-9222.

bluShift Aerospace launched in 2014. In 2019, the company received $124,999 in funding from NASA. Their goal is to eventually send satellites into polar orbits around the earth. They plan to continue to launch their rockets from the runway of was once  Loring Air Force Base.

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