A very rare bird has been repeatedly spotted in recent days in Midcoast Maine.

Certainly not an everyday sight here in Maine - a Steller’s Sea-Eagle. The bird is a long way from home, as the Maine Audubon says the raptor normally is found overseas. The eagle only breeds in Russia, and winters in Japan. Maine Audubon says the bird has been repeatedly seen in the Georgetown area.

Sightings of the eagle were first reported on December 30. Occasional sightings continued for about a week. However, no new sightings have been reported since January 3. The Maine Audubon says they'll continue with daily updates on their website if the bird is found again.

Birdwatchers who continue to look for the bird are reminded to park their vehicle with care near the Five Islands wharf. Weekend traffic caused frustration for local lobstermen trying to access the wharf.

The Maine Audubon says: "The local lobstermen are bringing in their traps and need to be able to maneuver long trailers down to the wharf. Please be mindful of the folks using this area for their livelihoods; give them the space needed and the right-of-way for accessing the wharf."

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