It's funny... Everywhere you go, someone will always likely have something bad to say about the roads in the town they live in. For instance, I live in Hampden, and I feel like I could say all sorts of semi-terrible things about the roads for several different reasons. Especially when it comes to plowing, but that's not today's tale.

Maybe the grass really is always greener, but whenever I've driven from Hampden into Winterport, the firs thing that jumps out at me, is that the quality of the roads goes up exponentially. Try driving Route 69 into Winterport out of Hampden, and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

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My friend Andy heard me complaining about road stuff on the air recently, and he sent me this photo of a spot on Boston Road in Winterport. He said they just paved the road a couple years ago and that generally it's in pretty good shape. But did say that a bump has appeared on one spot in the middle of the road.

He said some "crafty" individual has gone ahead and painted the bump in the road to look like a big, red zit in the middle of the lane. Certainly, we've all thought about bringing attention to spots in roads that are potentially treacherous. I even remember a story somewhere about a guy who painted potholes into male genitalia so the town would finally address the issues.


Andy Soule
Annie Lee

A zit is certainly a little more family friendly than a giant road phallus. But I feel like there's a missed opportunity to take this prank all the way. Someone should dig out a small bit of the center, and fill it with something so that every time someone drives over it, the zit "pops". That would be most epic.

Now, I'm not actually suggesting people deface/mess with a public roadway. But... if you're gonna do a job, why not take it all the way? We'll see how long it takes for either the town or the MDOT to do something about this giant road zit, but in the meantime, enjoy a good chuckle on your travels through Winterport.

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