A fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Maine involves pulling a jet airplane 20 feet.

Do You Really Have to Pull a Plane?

How hard can it be, really? I mean, the plane has wheels, right? So you're not really pulling the plane so much as rolling it. Okay, it will take some muscle to get the thing started. And you can't let up or you could lose the momentum. But it should be a snap. Right? Judge for yourself with this video from the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Maine Facebook page.

It actually looks pretty easy, as long as you have teamwork, enthusiasm, and more than just a couple of people. But if you put together a team, you could definitely do it. And it's not about whether or not you can pull that jet aircraft 20 feet but rather about how quickly you can do it.

When, Where, and What Do We Get If We Win?

Trophies will be given to the top fundraisers and also to the team who moves the plane 20 feet the fastest. And think of the bragging rights. Make sure you have someone nearby with a phone to get a video of the whole thing because, if you win, you're going to want to post it on all your social media sites.

The Plane Pull is co-hosted by Bangor International Airport and C&L Aviation and will be held at BIA on Saturday, September 10th. It's expected to host upwards of 20 teams, with 8 to 10 people on each. Independent teams can participate by fund-raising a minimum of $500 per team entry. The goal is to raise a total of $40,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Maine.

What is Big Brothers Big Sisters and How Do We Sign Up?

Volunteer mentors, who are paired up with children who could use some stability in their lives, are especially needed in the greater Bangor area, according to BBBSMM Executive Director Gwendolyn Hudson.

Children benefit from positive, consistent, and dependable relationships. We currently have 75 kids throughout our seven-county service area, waiting to be matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister.

So start getting your team together and get signed up, or learn more about becoming a Big on the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Maine website.

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