A letter received by the Mayor of Biddeford apologized for vandalism to the Police Station in the 1970's and sent restitution for damages.

The letter had a Southern Maine postmark and was signed 'anonymous,' so Police say they have no idea where it came from. The author apologized for putting a dent in a police cruiser, shattering the station's front door, and breaking a window. He or she goes on to say that they also pulled several fire call boxes. Included in the envelope was a money order for $550. After the signature was a postscript asking for city officials to post in the paper if more is needed for the damages.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the damages happened when the police department was located beneath City Hall. It's been in its current, Alfred Street location since 1980, which means the location changed shortly after the damage was inflicted. Chief Roger Beaupre joined the force in 1971 and says he remembers when the door was broken. He told the PPH that a man left the station house in a huff and slammed the glass door so hard that it hit the stone casing and shattered. As far as he can remember, the person was never charged.

Deputy Chief JoAnne Fisk says the department appreciates the person's honesty. The money will be put into the Police department's repair and maintenance fund.

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