Bangor International Airport's terminal has undergone an extreme makeover, and a new video shows the journey from old and sad to bright and beautiful!

I remember when the terminal at BIA was new. (yup, I'm THAT old) We loved the escalator and the fact that it had TWO floors! And there was a cafeteria and a gift shop! Those were huge features compared to the small, dark, industrial terminal that came before. But, let's face it, that was a long time ago. And the terminal hadn't really undergone any major updates since then, other than adding on extras that never seemed to meld together very well.

But now, the terminal at BIA is totally different. A new design and some upgraded technology have turned it into a modern, time-and-energy efficient facility!

This entertaining video likens the process to the TV show 'Extreme Makeover' and it's really well done! 'A river of light?' (watch the video and you'll get the joke) Take a few minutes to watch and you'll see the new terminal, but also the transition from old and sad to new and breathtaking!