“Flowers bring joy and happiness”

That statement is from a woman who bought a run-down farmhouse and acreage in Belmont Maine. She had to have the main house totally renovated to bring it up to living standards and meet her vision of what she wanted. The last worker had left for the day, and the plan was for her and her two young children to move in the next day. Everything was perfect.

Then overnight, the place caught on fire, totally destroying the dream.

Hold on. This is no ordinary woman. Meet Stacy Leafsong. She immediately shook off the adversity and started over.  Rebuilding and moving forward. Take-Two.

Stacy grew up on an old-fashioned farm that also ran a nursery. She became a gardener, ran her own gardening design business, grew plants and flowers, and sold them at farmer’s markets and fairs, all leading up to her plan to open a nursery.

Growing things is Stacy’s passion. She followed her dream and that nursery is now open at Leafsong Family Farm, on Back Belmont Road in Belmont, Maine.

You’ll find flowers and plants and things connected to ‘growing things’, but also a variety of personal care products in the farm store.

And coming soon, literally within weeks, Leafsong Family Farm will open to farm retreats for short-term guests. Those that want to "get away" and spend a day or two on this historic 89-acre farm and get away from the hectic pace of life to rejuvenate will have that opportunity.

Leafsong Family Farm will Rejuvenate You

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