It’s that important.

Youth Voices movie screening and youth caucus will be at BARN, the Bangor Area Recovery Network, on Sunday March 19th, between 3 and 5 p.m.

Save the date.

The event welcomes all ages, but it is especially centered around people ages 10 to 18. And yes they feel that kids that age need to be a part of the screening and discussion that they will pay $10 for those 10 to 18 that attend the event.

This is the launch of the ME Rap Youth Caucus at BARN. A film screening, food and youth led conversations about how young people in Maine are impacted by substance use, recovery and overdose and what they want adults to do about it.

ME Rap Youth Caucuses are led by and for young people impacted by substance abuse. Young people across Maine are leading the work in their communities all over the state to center the voices of other young people to create positive change in the community and support other young people who are impacted by substance abuse.

Here is the link to get tickets to the event on March 19th.

Here is the link to get involved in the event:

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