The Bangor Water District has been letting folks know via their Facebook page, that this year they will be flushing water mains across the city. It's a process they do every other year, to reduce sedimentary buildup, and to also wash away any excess chlorine the recently flushed water.

According to the post, the mains are flushed one by one, by opening up fire hydrants. Apparently this causes water to run through the mains faster, and it picks up any sediment which may be in the pipes. It isn't dirt, but a byproduct of corrosion that can build up over time.

Homes in the areas being flushed, might have a drop in pressure while it's happening, and could also see a slight discoloration to their water. But they say not to worry, it is still safe to use. Any discoloration should rinse out shortly after.

If you don't follow the Bangor Water District on Facebook, it might be a good idea to do so for a bit. That way you'll likely get some warning about which neighborhoods will be affected as they go through all the mains.

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