It's a new location for the annual Bangor Rotary Show but, the cool thing is, it's still going to be held 'Off Broadway!'

The Bangor Rotary's biggest and most popular fundraiser, 'Music Off Broadway,' has always been held at Peakes Auditorium. That's where the name came from, the fact that the show was held just off Broadway in Bangor. But this year, it has a new location that's also just off Broadway, at the beautiful Gracie Theatre at Husson University.

The location, however, is the only element that's changed. Well, the music selections will be different, but it's still an evening of community members singing, dancing, and generally just having a ton of fun entertaining the audience. It's a talented collection of folks who look forward to putting on the show all year.

Now that I think about it, one more change was made this year. You can now buy your tickets online! They're also available at Patrick's Hallmark on Broadway and at Rebecca's downtown. The shows are tonight at 7 p.m, Friday at 7 p.m., and Saturday at 5 p.m. Find more information on the Facebook event page.

All the money raised by the show is used for Rotary charities, which this year will focus on kids and the elderly. It's a great cause and a wonderful way to help others in our community...with Music Off Broadway!

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