The Bangor Police Department is warning local businesses and residents of a possible mail theft and check cashing scam.

Officials say the warning is aimed at business owners, banks and credit unions, and anyone who has street-side mail delivery. Police have received reports that a group of people are stealing checks from those mailboxes and recreating the checks on check stock paper, with the intention of cashing them.

This is not a new situation for Bangor Police, who dealt with it last year. The crime spree resulted in many victims who lost a lot of money before the crooks left town. Last year, the thieves enlisted the help of homeless people in cashing the checks, using false identification. The transients were then given a tiny percentage of the payout. The aim is for the bank cameras to pick up images of local people and keep the real criminals out of sight.

Police urge employees of financial institutions and any business that cashes checks to be on the lookout for any vehicle with out-of-state license plates, that's dropping off people who are cashing checks. An undercover officer spotted a black GMC vehicle over the weekend, with Maryland plates 7DH8293, that was approaching several individuals on the street. They said the vehicle appeared to have been rented out of Atlanta. In addition, police have received reports of a similar vehicle with New York plates operating in a similar fashion.

Anyone who thinks they've seen suspicious activity is encouraged to contact the Bangor Police Department, (207) 947-7384.