Bangor Police are asking anyone with information about the person lying on the road on State Street Wednesday morning to contact them.

Where Was This?

Officers received a report at approximately 5:30 Wednesday morning of a person who was lying in the road on State Street. Officers located the individual and determined that the person had fallen while crossing the street and injured themselves.

What Happened?

Sergeant Jason McAmbley says police are aware of social media reports that are indicating the person was hit by a vehicle, which then fled the scene. Those statements are false, according to Bangor Police. The person was not hit and there was no vehicle involved in the incident. McAmbley says there is no danger to the public and this incident is not considered suspicious.

Was the Person Hurt Badly?

The injured person was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The person's name has not been released.

UPDATE: Bangor Police hope to hear from anyone who may have information or who may have witnessed the person on the ground. People can call Detective Robert Hallett at 207-947-7384, extension 5755. Anonymous tips may be left at 207-947-7382, extension 3. 

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