Folks can pick up a gently used bicycle this Saturday at the Bangor Police Department's annual bike auction.

All year long, Bangor Police officers collect bicycles that have been abandoned around the city. They may have been stolen and never reclaimed, or left behind by someone who moved and didn't take their bike with them. They may be the result of someone sho got a brand new bike and didn't know how to dispose of the old one, so they just left it somewhere. And, of course, there's always the kid who wants a new bicycle and so 'loses' their old one. (Gee, Mom, I guess someone stole it. Honest!)

The never-reclaimed bicycles are put into storage, so they can be auctioned off each year. And this Saturday is the annual Bangor Police Department bike auction, where folks can choose from a variety of bicycles, from big to small, and all colors. Bidder registration begins at 9, and participants will have an hour to preview the bikes for about an hour. That's plenty of time to find the perfect bike for your needs. The auction starts at 10 a.m. at the Bangor Parks and Rec building, in the gymnasium, 647 Main Street in Bangor. Here are some of the actual bikes, that will be up for auction on Saturday:

Bangor Police Dept
Bangor Police Dept

All the money raised will go directly into the Bangor Police Department's community service fund.

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