It must be pretty lonely standing on the Bangor waterfront all by yourself for 56 years. I mean, everyone needs a friend or a pet, right? So Bangor City Officials are considering giving just that to Paul Bunyan.

Artist J. Normand Martin, who created the Paul Bunyan Statue offered a mock-up of Babe the Blue Ox to the Bangor City Council this week. The idea is that the podium upon which Paul stands would be widened to allow for a statue of Babe. The new statue would measure about 20 feet in length. Now that the proposal has been presented to the city, an application will be presented to the Commission on Cultural Development for funding.

Check out this video I found on YouTube of a southerner who stopped by to see the giant lumberjack. Even HE asks why Babe isn't with his buddy. Of course, he doesn't exactly get the gender of Babe correct....but still, Babe is naturally associated with Paul.

Personally, I think it's a pretty cool idea. When I was growing up, visiting relatives always wanted to go to the Waterfront and see the statue of Paul Bunyan. They'd have their pictures taken in front of it and we'd all stand around and talk about it. And honestly, I'd much rather look at a statue of Babe than that orange floating thing they're planning to put downtown!

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