An Anson man spent the night in the woods after crashing his motorcycle Tuesday night. Police say 52-year-old David Gorey's bike went into the woods after missing a curve on Pease Hill Road and he remained there until a couple who was out for an early morning walk heard him crying for help Wednesday morning. Gorey was hospitalized for serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Two traffic stops resulted in arrests of four people in connection with the sale of drug trafficking in Washington and Hancock Counties. In one case, two men were found with cocaine and a lot of cash in their vehicle during a stop in Brewer. Two women from the Machias area were arrested in a separate incident after police seized heroin and oxycodone from their vehicle.

The latest scam making its way around the state involves calls to people on the sex offender registry, trying to get money out of them. The scammers are posing as members of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, using names of actual deputies. They tell the potential victim that they're in violation of the registry and that, to avoid prosecution, they must pay a fine in gift cards.

The Grand and the city of Ellsworth have teamed up to offer a series of waterfront concerts starting this Friday. The free concerts will start at 6 each Friday evening and will include a different genre of music each week. Find more information and a schedule of performers on the Facebook page for the Grand.

Shaw House in Bangor has a new van thanks to the folks at Quirk Auto Group. Officials from the only youth shelter north of Lewiston says the vehicle will be used to help teens in trouble access the facility from areas outside of Greater Bangor. It will also be used to take services to teens who don't need to relocate to the shelter and to offer field trips to Acadia National Park.

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