Maine drug agents seized approximately $200,000 in cocaine, some of it disguised as a cake, during a traffic stop in Gardiner on Tuesday. Chelsey Cochran of Winslow and John ‘Paper’ Cedeno were both arrested. Officials say they were allegedly bringing the drugs from New York to sell in Somerset and Kennebec counties.

A Brewer man, accused of killing his 6-week-old son, is back in jail after violating his bail conditions. Ronald Harding is charged with manslaughter for the death of the baby, who the State Medical Examiner says died after being shaken hard. Harding, who says he never shook the child, violated his bail when he allegedly contacted the boy's mother.

No one was hurt when the landing gear from a passing plane landed on the golf course of the Gorham Country Club. Officials say the small plane was able to  make a belly landing at a New York airport.

Bangor’s Ramada Inn will close as a shelter for the homeless at the end of September. City officials are working with the Hope House to find temporary housing for the current residents of the hotel that has been used as an emergency shelter to protect the homeless from COVID-19.

Mainers who have had a tough time breathing this week can blame the wildfires burning in the western U.S. and Canada. The National Weather Service has issued air quality alerts because of a thick haze of smoke that’s been hanging in the Maine air. The good news is that it's already started to move out of the region.

Folks are invited to vote for the Maine State Police in a nationwide ‘best looking cruiser’ contest. The American Association of State Troopers is hosting the contest that's being run through the website survey monkey.

The magical public is invited to Fort Knox this Saturday for Witches and Wizarding Day. Attendees are encouraged to wear costumes and bring their wands for a scavenger hunt through the castle rooms, astronomy tower, dragon’s den, and more for hidden treasures. Find more information on the Witches and Wizarding Day Facebook page.

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