A Corinth man is charged with attempted murder and arson after allegedly setting fire to his own home while his girlfriend was on the second floor. Police say 65-year-old Fred Roberts poured gasoline in the house and lit the fire. 70-year-old Barbara King suffered serious injuries when she jumped from a second story window to escape the flames.

The flu is causing headaches for the American Red Cross who says blood platelets are being distributed to hospitals faster than they’re coming in so a blood drive is being held this Friday from 10 to 3 at the USDA office on Illinois Avenue in Bangor. Find more information at Red Cross Blood dot org.

Governor Paul LePage issued an executive order to halt all new wind turbine permits, until an advisory commission can study its impact on tourism, property values, and avian migratory pathways. Maine has the greatest number of wind turbines in New England.

The Coast Guard has broken up ice jams on the Kennebec River, something officials say usually isn’t done during the winter. But the jams have produced heavy flooding this year so they decided to head up the river, which officials say should prevent any flooding in the future.

Caps Tavern in Brewer will reopen on Friday after fire gutted the building six months ago. A new building, with less storage space but a bigger main bar, has been built in its place and will open at 11 Friday morning. Investigators determined the fire that destroyed the old building in July was intentionally set but, so far, no arrests have been made.

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