The Maine CDC reports 16 new cases of COVID-19 statewide and 8 more people who have recovered. There are currently 405 active cases in the state, and 9 people who are hospitalized.

Dexter Police arrested a woman last week with the largest amount of needles and drug paraphernalia they say they’ve ever seen. Police told WABI that most disturbing was the woman’s 4-year-old child, surrounded by uncapped needles, pills, marijuana, and other drug items, including a bag of candy, found next to the child, that contained quite a lot of marijuana.

Soon some Mainers will have to show proof that they’re searching for a job in order to collect unemployment. The requirement was suspended during the early months of the pandemic, since so many people were out of work because their employer had to close. Now, the Maine Department of Labor is reinstating the work search for people who will not be returning to their former jobs.

The Maine Forest Service is encouraging people not to pack firewood for their vacations. Entomologists say transporting firewood could also spread unwanted invasive species, like the Emerald Ash Borer and Asian Long-horned Beetle. Instead folks should pick up firewood locally, once they get to their destination.

Skowhegan students have until September 4th to cast their vote for a new school mascot, after school officials retired the former ‘Indians’ moniker. The choices on the table include the Badgers, the Fishercats, the Phoenix, the River Drivers, the River Hawks, the Sturgeon, the Trailblazers, or the Skowhegan. The school board will have final say in the new name.

A 7-year-old Bar Harbor boy achieved his goal to help save local animals. Seamus Colby held a bake sale on Friday and raised over twelve-hundred dollars. The money will benefit the Hancock County SPCA and the ASPCA, including six hundred, that will help a cat named Raven receive some much-needed surgery. Colby will be back at it this Friday at his home on Norway Driver, selling lemonade from noon to 5.

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