“Our volunteers are warming up their pens” says Bangor Humane Society Director of Development Kathryn Ravenscrast.

Beginning today for a donation of $20 to the Bangor Humane Society you will receive a one-of-a-kind portrait of your beloved pet. Here comes their 1st Ever Poorly Drawn Pet Portraits Fundraiser.

So the volunteers are great artists?  Well, no, not really. But this is the kind of fund-raiser that brings a big smile to your face, and maybe even a few laughs. And what a keepsake.

There are some bona fide local artists that have signed on to help, including the Bangor High School Art Club, many volunteers are not trained and will do the best they can.

Kathryn says “That’s all part of the fun, isn’t it?”

“You might get a really great portrait, and you might get a stick figure. Either way, you pet’s image will be preserved forever in all of it’s hilarious glory”

Bangor Humane Society
Bangor Humane Society

Here’s how to get your very own imperfectly Perfect Pet Portrait.

Bangor Humane Society
Stray Duck Foto/Bangor Humane Society

Due to Covid precautions, all images will be exchanged electronically. The goal by the Bangor Humane Society for their 1st ever Poorly Drawn Pet Portraits Fundraiser is $10,000 to help with the care of more than 3,000 animals that they admit each year.

Here's hoping it 'draws' a lot of attention from the community and from away.

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