Over the next couple of weeks, the Bangor Humane Society needs your help. They have a full-sized SUV parked out front, and they're hoping you might stop by and help then fill it with donated supplies. It starts today, and goes til the 27th of this month.

They have a pretty extensive list of supplies they're gathering up, check that out here. Everything from cat and dog food, to bedding, to kitten milk replacement. Honestly, I never even knew anything like that existed. It makes sense, but how often does a regular person hear about kitten formula?!

You can stop by during normal business hours, 12:00p.m. - 6:00p.m., and make your donations. Every person who donated will also be put into a drawing to have their car detailed. And if you donate more than once, you'll be entered more than once. Pretty sweet deal, really.

We all love out doggies and kitties, so help the Humane Society do what they do best. Your donations will be greatly appreciated. Especially by the animals. Trust me.... they'd say thank you out loud if they could, but they'll just have to do it by getting under your feet while you bring in the groceries instead.


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