I'm one of those people that wishes I owned pets. I suppose I could, but my wife is allergic to cats, and dogs are simply the best animal on Earth, but we feel like we're never home, so that wouldn't be fair to an awesome pup. I'm a person and I hate sitting around the house all day by myself, so I imagine a dog feels even lonelier.

But...I will pretty much drop whatever I'm doing and help out special causes for sweet pups and kitties whenever I can. I mean, I would for the whales and piping plovers too, but kitties and puppies are everywhere, and a lot them need help. And sadly, sometimes, they have to go to the shelter, and wait for some new awesome person to some along and adopt them.

According to a post on the Bangor Humane Society Facebook page, they have updated their Amazon Wish List. What this means to you, is that you can go in and add a few of these items to their Amazon cart and purchase them, and it will be delivered right there to the Humane Society. And that is great for all involved.

I'm not a lazy person by nature, but I do love things that are super convenient. And this totally as convenient as it gets. you just place the order, and it's delivered right where it needs to go. Plus, bonus, you can write it off as a charitable donation on your taxes. That is the epitome of a win/win situation if I've ever heard one.

If this interests you, this is the link right to their Amazon page. Just do yourself, and those sweet animals a favor, and just get out your wallet, and show that credit card who's boss. You'll be happy, tails will wag, and you'll be helping a really great organization do their job a little bit easier.

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