Not to be an alarmist, with Valentine’s Day now less than a week away.

But I read a national story about “a lot of uncertainty” about supply chain issues for florists.

So, I decided to step up for mankind, and womankind and find out what’s happening with florists locally as they are getting, or are about to get, swamped with Valentine’s Day orders.

The local story is basically the same from the florists we talked to.

Brenda from Hampden Floral said they ordered early and in higher quantities, so they don’t expect to have issues. You can reach them here.

They also without solicitation gave some good advice for anyone ordering for Valentine’s Day.

People should order early and not necessarily have delivery on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes we get too over booked. That’s why deliveries on Friday, Saturday or Sunday would work out perfect and they get the flowers, chocolates and balloons and everyone’s happy and no one’s forgetting.

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Joseph Langlois responded from Bangor Floral on Harlow Street in Bangor suggesting

The supply chain for the floral industry has been broken for a few years now, and we have just learned to shift from "The right vase" to the "right now vase".

Sort of when handed a lemon in life, make lemonade.

Bangor Floral let us know something about the supply chain.  Flowers that you want to have for your store to sell for Valentine’s Day are ordered by them at Christmas. Also, relationships with vendors come into play as well.

But supply chain issues may indeed result in higher prices this year than last. And also, that last-minute items that gift-givers might want to give, might not be available this week.

Bangor Floral echoed the same advice about when to get your order into them or whomever.

Advice for anyone sending flowers this year is to not wait till the last minute, when they run out, they run out. So don’t hesitate, get your order placed right away

For the record, a couple of other florists were contacted but we didn’t hear back on their status. However, a good guess would be very similar to what was stated above.

Valentine’s Day 2022 is approaching. Do not wait. Do not pass Go. Take care of it now. Right now.

Or you might have “some ‘splaining to do.’

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