History was not my subject. Geography was. And Math was.

However when it comes to certain things about history, there is interest. Historic buildings for example. Also when History and Geography are combined.

If you have interest in the history of the geography in Bangor, this is for you.

Not sure how much you know about the fire that destroyed many buildings in downtown Bangor in April of 1911.  But here’s a great way to learn first hand all about it. From the people who make it their passion and pleasure to know.

Bangor Historical Society hosts a walking tour of the Fire of 1911. You see which buildings survived and learn what buildings the fire destroyed. The guide will also discuss what people did to recover from the devastation.

The tour is this Sunday at 10 a.m. It begins at The Bangor Historical Society / Thomas A. Hill House, at 159 Union Street. But if you are interested you require a ticket which must be purchased by 6pm tomorrow evening.  You can purchase a ticket, at $10 per person by sending an email to curator at bangorhistoricalsociety dot com.  They can give you more information too.  The tour is capped at 25 people, so if you are interested reach out now.

Also Bangor Historical Society will host other tours this month.  A week from Saturday is the Mount Hope Cemetery Walking Tour at 6 p.m.  And the following Tuesday evening is the Best of Bangor Walking Tour.

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