Movie lovers, the Bangor Drive-In will be opening in a couple months.

The Bangor Drive-In is set to reopen in May. The drive-in movie theater announced on Facebook they will reopen for the season on May 25.

The Bangor Drive-In plans on hosting monthly events, along with the big line-up of summer blockbusters set to hit the big screen.

What will be the opening night double feature? It could be a big night for Star Wars and Jurassic Park fans. According to IMDB, SOLO: A Star Wars Story and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom are both set to be released May 25.

We'll keep you posted when the Bangor Drive-In announces their reopening schedule.

The Bangor Drive-In, located on Hammond Street in Hermon, reopened in 2015 after a nearly 30-year hiatus.

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