An Auburn man is facing multiple charges after police, investigating a domestic violence call, followed a trail of blood from a broken window.

On Saturday, Auburn Police responded to two reports of domestic violence at an apartment building at 66 Dunn Street. In both instances, 22-year-old Kawon Walker of Auburn, had fled the scene by the time police arrived, and the female involved in the incident wouldn't cooperate with investigators.

But during their second visit to the apartment, police noticed a small trail of blood leading out of the residence. They determined that Walker had received a small cut when he allegedly broke a window, and followed the trail to a nearby apartment. There, they found Walker hiding and took him into custody on an outstanding warrant from Cumberland County.

At the first apartment, investigators found a backpack that allegedly belongs to Walker. Inside, police found a large quantity of crystal methamphetamine, with a street value estimated to be about $14,000. They also found a large amount of cash that's believed to be proceeds from selling drugs.

In addition to the outstanding warrant for violation of bail conditions from Cumberland County, Auburn Police have charged Walker with aggravated trafficking in scheduled 'W' drugs.The drug charge was elevated to aggravated because of the large amount of meth and the location and proximity of the arrest to Raymond Park.

Walker is known to police. The initial bail violation warrant was issued after he failed to fulfill the conditions of bail he was granted after being arrested in May 2020 in Portland. In that incident, he was charged with aggravated trafficking of schedule 'Z' drugs, possession of schedule 'W' drugs, and failure to submit to arrest or detention. His bail in that initial case was set at $360.

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