The attempted abduction of a little girl in Owls Head this week has law enforcement officials urging parents to discuss boundaries with their own children.

In a post on the Facebook page for the Knox County Sheriff's Department, officials say a young girl was approached by a vehicle she didn't recognize at around 3:00 Monday afternoon. Three men inside the vehicle allegedly attempted to get the girl to ride with them, but she didn't know any of them. She repeatedly told them 'no,' but the men continued to try and coax her into the vehicle. At that point,the girl ran into a wooded area and made her way home safely. She told her parents what happened and they alerted authorities.

Parents are urged to sit with their own children, after what could have been a tragic event, and talk to them about how to act around strangers. They need to understand boundaries and the importance of not trusting people they don't know. Officials advise, even if you've had the discussion with your children before, talk to them again because the importance of this issue cannot be stressed enough.

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