State Police say a two-week-old baby was not hurt despite being inside a Waldo house that was the scene of an armed standoff Sunday evening.

State Police received a report of a domestic violence incident at approximately 5 PM Sunday, according to Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss. Police responded to a home on the East Waldo Road in Waldo, where a victim and her three-year-old child had fled to a neighbor's house.

As Troopers were investigating the incident, shots were fired in their direction from inside the residence, which contained 30-year-old Kote Aldus and the victim's two-week-old baby.

While police waited for backup to arrive, Tactical Team Trooper Tyler Harrington returned fire. A standoff ensued that lasted another three hours before Aldus was taken into custody and charged with domestic violence assault. Officials say he was taken to a Belfast hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. The baby was not harmed.

Police say more charges may be forthcoming after they consult with the District Attorney's office. The incident remains under investigation by the Attorney General's Office, standard procedure for any police-involved shooting.

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