Now that we're seeing some warmer temps this week, we should be rolling right into pothole season any second. And it's funny, because I always sort of think of pothole season as the worst part of driving. I get tired of swearing at the swiss-cheese-style roads. Or driving so erratically that I fear being pulled over.

But thanks to an article in the Bangor Daily News today, I was reminded of what might actually be the work of the Devil, and is headed for Bangor sooner than I wish to think about.

Road construction season.

Now here's the thing, I don't blame the guys on the front lines. The poor guys out there in all the heat and humidity and relentless sunshine are just doing their job. And I know deep down, they also want it to get done as quickly as it possibly can be. It's not like they stand around leaning on a shovel laughing at how long it takes to put in a sidewalk.

Glancing at some of these projects, it looks a bit disheartening. There's going to be at least a couple large-scale paving projects, and several traffic light replacements. the big project that might really cause a bit of disarray will be when the Bangor Water District does some work on Union Street, and as soon as it's completed, they city will then begin a paving project in the same area.

It seems like we just finally got Union Street back, after all the bridge work that went on there. But, that's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. There will also be some serious paving happening on a stretch of Hogan Road between Mt. Hope Ave, and Interstate 95. Likely dovetailing with some the sidewalk work that will take place out there too.

The old saying goes, 'suns out, guns out'.... but I think when warm weather hits this year, it'll be accompanied by a lot more walkie-talkies and fluorescent yellow hats and vests. And probably a fair amount of swearing from behind the wheel of many cars. but hey, chill out. Will ya? It's summer!

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