Frank Abagnale, the subject of the movie 'Catch Me If You Can' was in Maine recently talking about fraud, and has a quiz you can take to determine whether you're fraud-smart.

I remember hearing stories about Frank Abagnale when I was growing up. He was probably the most amazing con man in history. If you've never seen the movie, this guy talked his way into becoming a pilot, a lawyer, and working as a doctor in a hospital, among many, many other stunts. He said he once put on a security guard's uniform and stood outside a night depository at a bank, telling business owners that the drawer was broken and encouraging them to put their night deposit bags into a shopping cart.

It makes for a great movie, and his intelligence and ingenuity are admirable, but I'm sure all those people who got 'taken' weren't impressed at all. And that's how Abagnale turned his life around - by advising the federal government on fraud and now, spreading the word to the public.

Frank Abagnale spoke to an AARP gathering in Portland recently, and left behind a quick video and a quiz to help people determine whether they're fraud smart. I took it and got 4 out of 5 questions right. Not bad, but that one missed question could signal an area where I could be taken advantage of. Take the quiz, and be sure to watch Abagnale's video segments after each answer is revealed. If it saves you from identity fraud just once, it's worth it!

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