We all know them; the folks who no matter what time of year it is just won't give up on summer. Some choose to sport their support for the warm season by wearing shorts all year round, even when it's snowing. Others choose to tempt fate (and frostbite) with year-long flip-flop usage. And while the short-sporters could, should they choose to, wear leg-warmers in extreme situations, the flip-flop fans were kind of left out in the cold when it came to options to keep their tootsies toasty...until now. May I present to you "Flip Flop Socks!?"

Yes, they're a thing.

I'm guessing one of two things happened to create such an obviously overlooked but necessary accessory: 1.) The fashionistas of the world had a secret conference and simply would not take the "socks with sandals, especially flip-flop" look anymore, thus, in an attempt to find some middle ground on the argument, flip-flop socks were created. Or 2.) Someone considerably lacking in the knitting skills department (like myself) attempted to make some socks, failed miserably and left out the entire toe area and maybe even the heel--and in an attempt to cover up said failure, brilliantly came up with the idea to market them to flip-flop fanatics.

Either way, I'm just glad that I will no longer have to look at these die-hard flip-floppers with such worry when the weather turns cold, as they'll now have an option to heat their feet! (Honestly, it makes me cold just thinking about it!)

And apparently, thanks to the internet, I've learned that these little foot buddies can also be used if someone were to say get a pedicure in the winter. (I've never had one myself, but I can see how one could benefit from this new sock-technology.

Either way, now you're armed with this knowledge, my flip-flop friends. And as such, you can now treat those feet to a life warmer than they've ever known, while holding fast to that special foot fetish of yours!

You're welcome!