At first, I didn't think much about the fact that it seemed like my yard was inundated with acorns. I have a bunch of oak trees, and according to an article I was reading in the Portland Press Herald, it's what scientists call a "mast year". But they're not sure why it happens. Yet, it seems to happen every 2-5 years.

So the first thing I though of, was summer before last, when folks were talking about the excessive amount of squirrel roadkill. Folks were on Facebook etc, and talking about counting as many as a few dozen dead squirrels on the side of the highway. And at the time, articles I was reading, were pointing to the excessive amount of available food.

All this extra food was leading to a lot of extra breeding. Well, here we are again, a couple years later, and there's another bumper crop of acorns. So will this mean that next summer will be a repeat of two summer ago? It's certainly possible.

But armed with this info, at least now, when you see tons of acorns falling your yard, you can likely bet that the following summer there will be squirrels everywhere. It'll become like real-life Pokemon Go. You'll be finding squirrels everywhere. Your yard, in trees, and... on the dies of the road.

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