Mother Nature is always unpredictable. I know... understatement of the year, right? But Meteorologist Roger Griswold from WMTW - TV8 offered a glimpse into our potential future weather on his Facebook page, and from what he's saying, we could have some temps in about a week, that could cure what ails everyone this time of year.

Griswold is implying that in about ten days, we could see temps that are 10-20 degrees higher than normal for this time of year. Are we going to be headed for the beach? Not quite. But will it ease up our fuel bill, and give us an excuse to spend some extra time outdoors? Absolutely.

But again, it's Maine, and Mother Nature statistically hates us. So it's possible it'll go the other way in ten days and it'll be -15 and three feet of snow. You just never know. But it's nice to pretend for just a few minutes that we're going to be walking around with a layer less clothing, and a spring in our step.

Until spring.... when we will probably get stuck with below average temps and late season snow. But like I said.... Mother Nature kinda hates us. Oh well.

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