Well, according to a Facebook post from the Brewer Police Department, it's quite possible. And I believe it 100%. Am I going to move my feeders? Not yet. But that's mostly because mine aren't right next to my house. But the Brewer Police Dept. was discussing a few tips they got from the Maine Warden's Service about bear prevention around your home.

As I was just joking about a minute ago, bird feeders are one of the big ones. Bears love the seeds and such in the bird food, and will have no problem destroying your feeder to get it. I suppose if bears could talk, they might just knock on the door and ask if you mind if they eat it, but since they can't, they're far more likely to smash it to bits, and munch seeds to their big, furry heart's content.

Pet food, and food scraps from your garbage are another no-no. Pet food is obvious. If you have dog or cat food outside, it's pretty much just meaty M&M's for bears.. They're just gonna tip the bowl back, swallow it all whole, and burp with delight. And if you're garbage smells too delicious, same deal.... total devastation. It's best to keep your garbage indoors, and just put it out the morning of trash day.

And surprisingly, keep your grill squeaky clean. The fat runoff, and the yummy beefy scents are going to be too much for a bear to resist. Old Yogi is gonna come to your house and do more than go through your pic-a-nic basket.

In the end, it's not their fault. They've just woken up from their long winter's nap, and they're starved. Basically, they're like you and me. They're barely awake, and stumbling around looking for the easiest thing to shove down their grocery hole. So give 'em a break, but don't give them an opportunity.

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