This weekend in Newport is the Anah Temple Shrine Ceremonial! What does this mean? For the many Master Masons that will become Nobles in the Anah Temple, it is an honor and privilege, one that I cannot wait to be bestowed upon me, puts me in great company, not only with my Brothers locally, but country stars Brad Paisley & Kris Kristofferson are also Shriners! To the community of Newport, it means plenty of Shriners will embark on the community, and with them, bring their Ladies to provide a massive Shrine Parade on Saturday afternoon, beginning at 1:00 pm. Click Here for the complete schedule of events for Ceremonial Weekend. If you're in Newport this weekend for Ceremonial, Potentate F. Lee Kaufman welcome you, and hopes you have a memorable and great weekend!


Now, if you've often wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Ceremonial...this isn't it!  Ray Stevens, in his wit and humor, and the blessing of the Imperial Potentate of Florida, did this funny rendition of 'Shriners Convention' Enjoy, and I hope to see you in Newport this Weekend!

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