Stephen Tobolowsky, the guy who played 'Ned Ryerson' in the movie 'Groundhog's Day' will make an appearance in Brewer this week.

Anyone who's seen the famous Bill Murray movie will most likely remember the annoying insurance agent who interrupted Phil Connor's walk each morning, forcing Phil to step into a large pothole as he tried to escape. Tobolowsky has done many, many character roles over his career that started in the late '70s. A glance over his IMDB page shows an impressive amount of roles, some familiar and some not-so-much.

Ned Ryerson is easily my favorite Tobolowsky role. But I also loved him in a cool movie called 'Sneakers,' that starred Robert Redford, River Phoenix, Dan Ackroyd, Ben Kingsley, and others about a group of investigators-for-hire. Tobolosky played a nerdy computer executive who gets set up on a phony computer date. He has such a knack for embracing his characters so completely that it's hard to imagine him any different.

This Wednesday night is our chance to meet the man behind all those amazing characters when he visits the Brewer Performing Arts Center. Between 7:30 and 9:30, Tobolowsky will talk about his career and his new book 'My Adventures With God.' The book is a series of short stories, telling about what it was like, as a boy, growing up in Texas, finding and losing love, and eventually finding himself. I've read some of his book 'Cautionary Tales,' and can tell you that he's an engaging writer and storyteller. This promises to be a fun evening!

Tickets for 'An Evening With Stephen Tobowlosky' are $30, and a copy of his book is included with the price of admission. Folks can purchase tickets at the Briar Patch in Downtown Bangor, or buy them online. Proceeds from the evening will benefit Beth El Bangor.

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