An Acton landlord is accused of running over his tenant with a tractor during a dispute over plants in the yard of the rental.

The Portland Press Herald reports 64-year-old Leslie Dennis called the York County Sheriff's Department about two female tenants he planned to evict and who he claimed were digging up plants in the backyard of the rental. The Deputies told Dennis that he would have to pursue a civil action.

Neighbors of the rental property called deputies just after 9:30 Monday night after hearing someone screaming and the sound of a tractor. Upon investigation, the deputies learned that Dennis drove his tractor to the home and started driving toward one of the female tenants and her adult son in a threatening manner. The son struck the landlord with a shovel, just before Dennis ran into the son with the tractor and ran over the woman. She suffered a broken hip and was taken to the hospital.

Dennis is charged with aggravated assault. He posted $500 bail and was released.

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