I have never seen this in my life.

Now, many people have said the past weekend was the coldest they had ever experienced. People who have lived in the area for 50+ years have said that they had never experienced cold and wind chill like we did the first weekend of February.

Well, it was not just humans, but also marine life that suffered from the cold.

Check out this shark that washed up and froze on a Cape Cod beach.

I think it is important to note that it is NOT likely the shark froze while swimming, but the comments from the thousands of internet trolls were outrageously funny.

Some were funny. Some were rude. Some were just to get a rise out of people.

I have left all comments anonymous; however, you deserve to see some of the most ridiculous ones:

"Maybe it's like a frog that "freezes" and then thaws out. I wouldn't get too close in the coming days..."


"Damn global warming..look what it does. Oh my"


"We’re gonna need a bigger freezer!"


"I think you will find the shark was already deceased and then froze, I seriously doubt it was frozen mid stroke in the sea"


Call the mayor, beaches closed per order Amityville P.D."




"Now we know what the opposite of frying an egg on the sidewalk in July is!"


"Did you try turning unplugging it then plugging it back in?"


"Can’t wait for the Fox News crowd to blame this on clean energy."


"If you're cold, they're cold...Bring them inside"


"No wonder they call it cold storage beach."


"Did anyone tried cpr?"


"Definitely was dropped by a spy balloon."


"Anyone wanna go do the polar plunge?"


"Who's there? Land shark."


"Free sharks teeth!"


"Pre frozen shark steaks."


"Must have cod a cold."


"One less to worry about when I'm swimming there this summer. I feel bad about whatever happened to him but I don't want to see that coming at me either."

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