The Giant Sharks Are Back!

I can hear the theme music to "Jaws" in my head at the thought of one of these giant beasts in the water.

According to, a nearly 20-foot behemoth was spotted close to Portland Harbor by lobsterman Joe Cyr.

Great White, or Something Else?

While Cyr thought he may have captured video of a Great White, it appears that it may have been a basking shark, the news station reported.

The two can appear similar in appearance, especially when you are in a boat experiencing a rush of adrenaline!

Cyr said in the news article that the shark was half the size of his boat, so he estimates the creature was at least 20 feet long.

Looks like something I don’t want to get in the water with, regardless of what it is.

2020 Saw over 300 Shark Sightings

According to John Mohan, an assistant professor at the University of New England’s School of Marine and Environmental Programs who examined the video for News Center Maine, it is probably footage of a basking shark.

He told the news station that the signs that it is a basking shark are the rounded dorsal fin, and the mottled coloration Mohan.  Basking sharks also have a very distinctive gill formation that goes up almost to the top of their head.

While basking sharks are not a real risk to humans, I’m not getting in the water to check it out.

More basking sharks were spotted near Nubble Lighthouse on Monday, so it looks like they are in our area.

Yesterday I was hanging out at North Hampton Beach and I asked a surfer if he ever thinks about sharks when he's surfing he said he does but the odds are small, he also said if it's his time then my friend said wow that would be a bad time.

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