There are hundreds of ghost stories in Maine to comb through but few have as many "encounters" as have been reported about the "White Lady of Millinocket". That's the name given to the apparition that dozens of people have claimed to see on a bridge located on Route 11 on Brownville Road right outside of Millinocket.

As the legend of the "White Lady" goes, it all stems from a bizarre and unexplained accident in the 1950's. According to Ghosts of New England, a newlywed couple had just returned from their honeymoon when, for a never specified reason, the husband lost control of his car and went down an embankment near the bridge. The husband left his wife in the car to get help from a passing car or a nearby home, but when he returned to his car, his wife was gone. No trace of her was ever found, until she began "haunting" the area where the accident took place.

This urban legend has been in place in Millinocket for decades now, with dozens of people having claimed sightings. Stories include brief glimpses of a woman dressed in white standing in the middle of the bridge to a group of ghost hunters claiming the "White Lady" left handprints on their car during a bout of dense fog. On message boards for the paranormal, people still claim to have had encounters with the apparition to this day.

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There have also been rumors for years that the wreckage of the husband and wife's car can still be found on the original Brownville Road. That road is unpaved and often times ignored but is believed to be the road where the initial accident took place.

Whether true or not, one thing is certain, the people of Millinocket and surrounding towns believe there is a ghost haunting the bridge on Route 11. What do you believe?


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