Here we go. Another page torn from the calendar from the strangest year, evuh.

As we begin the last month of 2020, thoughts of kissing the year good-bye comes to mind, as if all the craziness automatically goes away with the flip of the page on the calendar.

We also think of those that live all year long just for December. More specifically, Christmas. And not just the holidays, but the weather that will arrive too. Blankets of snow to cover the ground and remind us of a fresh start. A new beginning.

There really isn’t anything like a Winter in Maine. Not even a previous winter as a comparison. The weather does what it does. Some years lots and lots of snow. Some winters, not so much. Some years cold, cold temperatures. Some winters, not so much.

No matter what kind of winter weather is coming, we know it’s coming. That is a certain. And it doesn’t look like the pandemic is going to end anytime soon. As December begins today, we are still surging with Covid-19 cases. There is no magic wand. We can’t flip a switch. It’ll be done with us, when it is. Fingers crossed the coming vaccines are rolled out timely and orderly.

Coronavirus has caused us all to be stressed and experience anxiety in most cases like never before. But here’s to a Merry Christmas. Let’s not have the smaller gatherings or Virtual interactions hold us back from a win. See the positive in what you do get to do, and you will be better for it. It’s all about the hope and the positive feelings inside. Believe. A fresh start.

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