Do you like random and weird things? Well, this fits the bill.

Reddit might be one of my favorite forms of social media because there is such a variety of weird and wonderful things you can find on the regular. There is even a Maine-specific page, where I always find interesting videos, pictures, and posts.

Browsing this morning, I came across a dashcam video of a driver from Maine, named "Puzzleheaded" who posted a clip of something he came across right in the middle of the road...A Christmas tree! What a bizarre sight that must have been. It's a good thing this motorist was driving at a reasonable speed because that could have gotten ugly.

Tradition says you should take your tree down right after the New Year, around January 6, however, some people leave it up the entire month, to cure those post-holiday, pesky winter blues.

Folks in Arizona, Illinois, and Maryland, leave em' up the longest, while West Virginia, Mississippi, Montana, and our neighbors in New Hampshire, take them down the quickest, right around January 11th. Maine falls somewhere in the middle.

I can't help but wonder if leaving a Christmas tree in the middle of the road was an attempt to be funny, or if the person getting rid of it, is just really lazy. Either way, the tree certainly didn't get up and leave by itself. And leaving it out where traffic flies by every day, is just kind of a jerk move.

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