Hear the mournful wails of a woman in white, the silhouette of a figure in front of a flashing light and more at these eerie lighthouses on the coast of Maine.

Amanda McDonald
Amanda McDonald

There is a theory that spirits or ghosts are made of energy left behind and if this is true then we can see why they may be drawn to lighthouses. Moving water creates energy and stone warmed by the sun also holds energy, and both of those things can be found near lighthouses. Add shipwrecks, lonely captains wives, cabin fever and suicides and you get some chilling, haunted lighthouses!

1. Boon Island- York, Off shore

Fishermen and visitors here are saddened to hear the cries of a lonely ghost woman suspected of being a light keeper's widow. After arriving on the island a newly wed, Kathleen Bright only had a short time with her husband before he was hurt here in a bad storm. It is unknown how long he lived from the time of his injuries to his passing but during those days Mrs Bright had to keep the light in the lighthouse lit all by herself.

When the light began to dim a boat was sent to the island to check on the Brights, but what they found was grim. On the island Mrs Bright held on to the body of her now deceased husband, acting out of her mind from the grief and circumstances.

Today the island is unmanned and automated. The lonely island is nearly impossible to land a small boat on safely but is visible from Sohier Park in York.

2. Marshall Point- Port Clyde

You may this lighthouse from Forrest Gump, but in that famous scene when Gump runs up the ramp to the lighthouse, he may not be alone! Stories here mainly center around the old light keepers house which now serves as a museum. Another tale tells of a boy who accidentally discovered some rum-runners and was killed to keep the secret. Many have reported seeing the boy on the road to the lighthouse as well as the ramp over the rocks leading to the light.

Today you can visit the museum Memorial Day to Columbus Day and the lighthouse grounds are open year round from sun up to sunset.

3. Matinicus Rock- Rockland, Off Shore

Where 3 lighthouses once stood you will now see 2. One of which remains always locked as it is a hub for paranormal activity, some of which is dangerous to the living! Flying plates, bursting light bulbs and things falling are just some of the ghostly happenings here. Due to several suicides here there is no question as to why the spirits on this island are so restless. Luckily the island is really just a rock and is pretty much impossible to land a boat on, so there is little risk of the island ghost hurting anyone other than themselves.

A ferry does travel within a good viewing distance of the island, however it is quite a ways off shore.

4. Owls Head- Owls Head

Coastal Living Magazine named this as the most haunted lighthouse in America with numerous sightings of 2 apparitions. Today more than just the American Lighthouse Foundation call this place home. According to reports a man and a woman are very often seen here. The man is assumed to be an ex keeper of the light as he is seen in the keepers house, as well as the lighthouse stairs and tending to the lamp (which is now automated).

The woman is often heard more than seen. She rattles dishes and silverware in the kitchen of the house as well as slams doors at random. She is known as 'Little Lady'.

5. Pemaquid Point- Bristol

Not only can you see this haunted light and house, but you can stay there! The house is rented in the summer per week! But beware you won't be alone! Reports here are of an unknown woman in a red shawl often see by the fireplace, often starring at the flames silently. Another report claims in the middle of the night all the lights came on for no reason. Were you aware we had a haunted lighthouse on the Maine State Quarter?!

6. Portland Head- Cape Elizabeth

The oldest and one of the most visited lighthouses in Maine is this one! It is also a favorite for the lighthouse keepers who kept the light on in the past, which may explain why they have stayed here! Some of the rumored ghostly keepers still climbing the stairs to the light tower are keepers Joshua Strout and Barzillai Delano who were very active at the lighthouse and were known to care quite a bit about their job. It is suspected one of their ghosts is responsible for keeping the light lit for over a week after the current keeper had died.

You may have seen the painted rock nearby memorializing the shipwreck of the Anne C. McGuire where a ship was lost to the sea and rocks but all those abroad were saved by keeper Strout and his family. Unfortunately not all nearby shipwrecks ended so well, as was the case with the 'Bohemian' from Liverpool that wreaked near the point and lost 40 of its immigrant passengers in 1864. Some have reported hearing ghostly screams for help assumed to be the perished passengers of the 'Bohemian'.

In 1876 two carriage drivers who had brought a party to the lighthouse for the day got too close to the sea out on some rocks and were washed away, their bodies were found days later. They are also reported to be heard and seen on the cape.

7. Seguin Island- Bath, Off Shore

In our opinion this is the most haunted lighthouse on the list with a history straight from a horror movie. This haunting revolves around a piano that was brought to the island in the early 1800s. In an effort to create entertainment on the generally uneventful island a light keeper's wife learned a song to play on the piano. Unfortunately, it was the only song that she learned, and she played it repeatedly.

This led to an argument over the piano and when it was all said and done the keeper's wife was murdered and the piano was destroyed. Today reports of the piano being heard are frequent on and near the island. The house is now a museum where the sound of a bouncing ball is heard, a small girl has been seen and coughing is often heard in unoccupied rooms.

8. Wood Island- Biddeford

Gun shots, dark shadows, and locked doors flying open for no reason. These are some of the things reported on Wood Island. The ghostly culprit is assumed to be a drunkin drifter from the late 1800s, named Howard Hobbs. Hobbs had rented a chicken coop to stay in from the local Sheriff. After an argument Hobbs shot the sheriff and fled to Wood Island Light. After confessing to the lighthouse keeper Hobbs shot himself in the house.

One light keeper here couldn't star the hauntings and rowed to the mainland leaving the light unlit, the next day he too killed himself. Today tours are offered by the Friends of Wood Island, but the lighthouse is not generally accessible.

Do you know of any other haunted lighthouses in Maine? There are more than 50 lighthouses on the coast, there has to be more than just 8 haunted ones!

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