The Maine Coon cat is such a unique animal and a great pet!

According to Wikipedia, a Maine coon cat is a big ol' cat with a very distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills. Good for those Maine homes with a mouse problem. It's one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, and native to us, Maine. It's the official state cat, of course.

If you have a Maine Coon, then you know they can get very big, are very sociable cats. They have the nickname, "the gentle giant". They have a very cool ruff along the chest, a weird uneven two-layered coat, and a long, bushy tail. The coloring can be so varied and cool! Apparently, they also have 'dog-like' characteristics. They are also wicked schmaht! Here are some beautiful Maine Coon cats here in Maine (although there are a few that have moved!)

55 Pictures of Awesome Maine Coon Cats



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Gallery Credit: Katherine Gallagher

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