Since it is National Trucker's Appreciation Week, I decided to put up some of my favorite songs about truckers. When I was growing up, I felt like that's all I heard around the house sometimes. Between Hee-Haw and the Dick Stacey Country Jamboree, I felt like somehow I was destined to be a trucker.

I don't think I regret not becoming one, as I hate long drives. But this nation of ours would be at an absolute stand-still if it weren't for all the truckers out there who keep our entire country moving. Where do you think your food comes from? Where do you think you'r clothes come from? Parts for your motorcycle? Heck, the bank even needs small trucks to move money from place to place. Trucks gotta get everything where it's going, and we always need people willing to give up their valuable time at home to keep the rest of us happy.

So let's look at five of my absolute favorite country truckin' tunes!

you can't have this list without Red Sovine!

Or the C.W. McCall classic about sticking together...

Dave Dudley is always one of my favorites, so I couldn't leave this bad boy out.

Jerry Reed just rules. Even if he does always seems to be looking for the perfect way to be lazy and sit less awkwardly...

And last but not least, this list just could not be anywhere near complete without our own Maine country music legend....Dick Curless.

So there's my list. I know there are TONS more than this. These are just a handful of my favorites. So sit back, enjoy, and tip one back for all the truckers out on the road, making your life ten times easier!


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