Of course we love our large lumberjack in Bangor, but after reading some reviews about the attraction we came up with 5 ways we could make our Bunyan better.

Bangorians are proud to share one of our biggest attractions standing on Main St. But it seems those from away are not always so impressed. Reviews of the site on Tripadvisor.com are mixed. Some folks were glad to have Paul and Bangor 'must-do', saying things like:

A must-see for first time visitors. Once you've seen it, that's it. Still, a nice & easy "tourist thing to do".-Jeff McB.- ME

Some were not impressed at all and comment:

A big statue on a block with no parking. But it's just a statue. We drove by and said cool and kept on going.-NY

While we are not sure what people are expecting a statue to do other than sit on a block, we did some brainstorming to come up with some ideas to spruce up our statue for the unsatisfied visitors.

1. Add a Water Feature

Water was a huge factor in the lumbering industry with logs being sent down many of Maine's waterways. So it seems only right to honor the power source for lumber mills with the Paul Bunyan statue. We think a simple fountain, or a small stream with bridge similar to that at Cascade Park would be perfect. Or we could modify the statue to spit out a little water when people pass by!

2. Build Him a Babe

Every story you read about Paul Bunyan features his best companion, Babe the Blue Ox. So where is he in Bangor? There are other Paul Bunyan statues around the country and even another in the state, and most have a Babe! Bangor's Bunyan needs a Babe!

3. Better Lighting at Night

Currently it is recommended that you visit Paul in the daylight as he is barely visible at night. While some lighting exists to illuminate the lumberjack, it's not the best and just seems to light up his pants. We suggest flood lights from all angles. Even better if they change colors to accompany the season. We thought about making his eyes glow, but that may be too creepy for guests at the Hollywood Hotel.

4. Change His Outfit

While Mr. Bunyan is sporting the usual garb for lumberjacks, it seems cruel to leave him dressed in flannel and wool all summer long! Give that guy a tee shirt! Or no shirt (and 6 pack abs of course)! We could even change his outfit according to the events going on it town. Also, Maine winters last forever so we think it is time to get Paul a jacket and some gloves!

5. Give Him a Voice

Now we are not exactly sure what we would have him say, but how cool would it be if every time someone walked by Paul he said something? Motion activated phrases are what we are suggesting here! Have him say things like "Welcome to Bangor" or "Hand me my axe" or we could even have him sing traditional logging songs.

Do you have any other ideas for us to add to the list?

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