Apparently a lot of people in Connecticut want to know 'How to be pretty' and Iowa is concerned about the knees of penguins (or lack of).

Estately has taken a look at what strange things each state googles more than others and the results are hilarious.

Here are the things that Mainer searched more on Google than any other state:

  • 1

    "Who won 'Survivor?'"

    Could it be because a Mainer has won the 'Sole Survivor' title or are we just obsessed with nature and reality TV? Here's the answer, if you didn't know.

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  • 2

    "What is a Blue Moon?"

    You've heard the saying "Once in a blue moon." Well, us nosy folk in Maine are wondering what the heck that means! Here's the answer.

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  • 3

    "How to knit?"

    With cold long winters knitting is a must-know! We need hats and mittens as well as something to do inside on a cold winter's night. We found this helpful video for you.

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  • 4

    "Is Bernie Sanders Jewish?"

    While California was busy Googling "Is Bernie Sanders a Vegan?" Maine was also curious about the senator from Vermont, but more about his religious preference. Anyways, the answer is yes.

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