The World changed March 11th. That was 3 months ago, yesterday. Last night I was writing some thoughts in my journal and thought I'd look back at what's in there for 2020. Why not share? None of the personal stuff though.

Scott's Journal:

Jan. 1 – New Year!  New Me!   Here’s to making 2020 the best year ever!

Feb. 20 – Spring training!!!  I can’t wait for the season to start.

Feb. 25 - March Madness right around the corner.  Who will make my Final Four?

Mar. 1 - Travel plans nailed down.  I'm off to Dallas for a few days, and I booked a trip to Toronto for late June to see my Dad and attend my baby sister's 25th Wedding Anniversary party. It can't be 25 years. She's still so young.

Mar. 8 - Flew back from Dallas and a couple people on the plane were wearing masks.

Mar 11 - Entire Country starts to put the brakes on. NHL and NBA shut down.  What!?!?!

Mar. 20 – We just spent the weekend binge-watching every episode of everything on Hulu.

Mar. 28 – We’ve got about three days of toilet paper left.

April 2 – I’ll settle for anything even remotely resembling toilet paper.

April 25- I wonder if my pants would even fit anymore.

May 15 – I heard baseball is working out a shortened season.  I can’t wait for the season to start.

June 1 – Lockdowns are being lifted.  I can’t wait to...gee, it's been so long I don't know.

June 6 - Sister's anniversary party cancelled.

June 11 - The entire world has changed in the past 3 months.

What's next?

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