Three years from today, a full solar eclipse will transpire that will turn parts of Northern Maine dark during the afternoon hours.  This event has been highly anticipated due to a popular event on Facebook where people will gather in the town of Millinocket and witness the full eclipse in what is being called 'Millinockeclipse'.

August 22, 2017 this event was created on Facebook to share in witnessing the magnificent solar event to take place April 8, 2024. The event has a footrace planned for the start of the eclipse until the end of the eclipse with whoever runs the furthest winning, decided via GPS tracker.

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Why was it created? You could guess that the eclipse that transpired the day the event was created, August 22, 2017, led to the interest of when the next eclipse would happen for the United State.  The eclipse from 2017 resulted in a coast-to-coast view of a full solar eclipse. Those of us in New England, however, weren't in the path of the full eclipse.  This most likely led to someone investigating when the next eclipse would happen and saw that it was going to be prime viewing for Northern parts of Maine in 2024. And, thusly, a new Facebook event was born.

At least, that's my guess.

According to NASA's website, the total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, is predicted to take a path of full eclipse over Northern Maine towns like Rangeley, Greenville, Lincoln, Houlton and Caribou as well as Northern parts of other New England States and South Eastern parts of Canada.

It is predicted that the start of the eclipse will hit points of Maine around 2:15 PM and end completely around 4:30 PM.

Check out the few details on the event on the Facebook: 'Millinockeclipse'.

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