With apologies to Justin Moore, singer of “That’s Why We Drink”, this is Dry January, or “Dryuary” the month that many many people decide they need to be drinking less. By this far into January, sorry Dryuary, if you’re still going strong on a New Year’s Resolution, good for you. Three weeks is nothing to sneeze at. Especially with what we had to endure with all that 2020 threw at us. Alcohol shouldn’t be used as a coping mechanism, but I’m not here to judge.

Recent survey done by Alcohol Rehab found that over one third of Mainers plan on reducing the amount of alcohol they drink, not just in January but for the entire year.  Except during Rowdy Yates Show on Saturday nights on Q106.5. Kidding, I’m kidding. Except if the lockdown continues too deeply into the year.

New Year, New You. Hats off to anyone who cuts down how much they drink. No matter the reason. Again no judgement, no pointing of fingers.

It is very eye opening how destructive alcohol can be when it’s abused. And again, congrats to anyone who is 21 days into your journey toward the new you.

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