After days without power, many Mainers are desperately seeking a shower. So here are 3 places that have opened their doors to the unwashed.

We have become a society of hat-wearers, have you noticed? Lots of people are covering up their yucky hair, and wearing their bulky clothes to try and cover up the fact that they really need to shower. I mean, we can take a sponge bath with cold water, but it just isn't the same as stepping underneath that stream of hot water. I know I can't wait until my first post-outage shower. I may never get out!

Here are three locations where anyone can take hot showers today. Just remember to bring your own supplies, like soap, shampoo, and towels.

  • Cross Insurance Center - 515 Main Street - Use the Southwest entrance
  • James F. Doughty School - 143 Fifth Street
  • Bangor YMCA - Second Street - showers available from 4:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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